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Grain Bin Air Duct and Pressure Loss Calculator
This calculator estimates the static pressure in a duct system used for aeration of a grain bin.   Calculations are based on air at 60 F and standard atmospheric pressure.   If more accurate estimates are needed consult a professional engineer.  This calculator is provided as is and OSU assumes no responsibility for results obtained.
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Select duct shape and enter the dimensions in inches

 inches in diameter
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Enter the Length of Duct in feet:

Enter the number of each type of fitting in the boxes below:
 90 degree bends   Ball valves 
 30 or 45 degree bends   Pipe entrance 
 Couplings   Pipe exit 

Enter the flow rate in cubic feet per minute through the duct 

Calculated results:
Velocity in duct:
Reynolds number:
Reynold friction factor:
Static pressure in duct: