Stored Product Insect Management

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Insect Management and IPM
Pesticide Use and Safety
Insect Sampling, Trapping and Detection

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Insect Management and IPM

Efficacy of Ozone Fumigation Against the Major Grain Pests in Stored Wheat
Edmond L. Bonjour, George P. Opit, James Hardin, Carol L. Jones, Mark E. Payton, and R andy L. Beeby (2011)

Effects of Temperature and Exposure Time on Mortality of Stored-Product Insects Exposed to Low Pressure
George N. Mbata and Thomas W. Phillips (Word document)

Thomas W. Phillips, Paul M. Cogan, and Henry Y. Fadamiro (Word document)

Post-Harvest Integrated Pest Management
Thomas W. Phillips, Richard C. Berberet and Gerrit W. Cuperus (Word document)

Activity of Plodia interpunctella In and Around Flour Mills
Carl W. Doud and Thomas W. Phillips (pdf)

Analysis of the Insect Community in a Stored-Maize Facility
Christian Nansen, Thomas W. Phillips, and Michael W. Palmer (pdf)

Attractancy and Toxicity of an Attracticide for Indianmeal Moth
Christian Nansen and Thomas W. Phillips (pdf)

The Impact of Spatial Structure on the Accuracy of Contour Maps of Small Data Sets
Christian Nansen, James F. Campbell, Thomas W. Phillips, and Michael A. Mullen (pdf)

Model of Cryptolestes ferrugineus Flight Activity Outside Commercial Steel Grain Bins in Oklahoma
Christian Nansen, Edmond L. Bonjour, Michael W. Gates, Thomas W. Phillips, Gerrit W. Cuperus, and Mark E. Payton (pdf)

Pesticide Use and Safety

OSU Pesticide safety education program

OSU Pesticide Fact Sheets

Insect Sampling, Trapping and Detection

OSU Stored-Product Psocid Identification Website
George Opit, James Throne, and Kenlee Friesen

Trapping and Sampling Stored-Product Insects Before and After Commercial Fumigation Treatments
Thomas W. Phillips, Carl W. Doud, Michael D. Toews, Carl Reed, David Hagstrum and Paul Flinn (Word document)

Effects of Height and Adjacent Surfaces on Captures of Indianmeal Moth in Pheromone-Baited Traps
Christian Nansen, Thomas W. Phillips, and Stacy Sanders (pdf)

Relationship Between Flight Activity Outside Grain Bins and Probe Trap Catches Inside Grain Bins of Cryptolestes ferrugineus
Christian Nansen, Edmond L. Bonjour, Thomas W. Phillips, Elsa L. Vela-Coiffier, and Michael W. Gates (pdf)

Detection and Identification of Stored-Grain Insects with RF/Microwave and Neural Network Technology
F. Ding, C. L. Jones, P. Weckler

Spatial analysis of pheromone-baited trap captures from controlled releases of male Indianmeal moths
Christian Nansen, ThomasW. Phillips, Philip K. Morton, and Edmond L. Bonjour.

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